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To help you unlock the answers to some of our business and industry practices, and operations, we have assembled this growing list of questions and answers.

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FNA provides supply, risk-management, and transportation services to Ferrellgas, the nation's premier propane retailer. The success Ferrellgas enjoys in the retail propane industry would not be possible without the members of the FNA team.

FNA purchases, trades, sells, stores and transports natural gas liquids and refinery feedstocks with major oil companies, petrochemical manufacturers, gas processors, and other propane retailers in addition to Ferrellgas. Our large business volume--more than 1 billion gallons per year--has made our company a dominate influence in the liquefied petroleum gas business. Our employee-ownership culture, competitive wages, attractive benefits package, and outstanding promotional opportunities make FNA your ideal career choice.

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Propane is a member of the hydrocarbon family, a family that also includes methane (natural gas), gasoline, and diesel. It is a versatile fuel used by more than 14 million families to fuel their furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, outdoor grills, fireplaces, dryers, and ranges.

Stored as a liquid, propane is easily transportable and can provide energy in places natural gas cannot. After it is gathered through natural gas processing and crude oil refining, propane is stored in underground salt and rock caverns until it is ready to be shipped to terminals throughout the United States on some 70,000 miles of pipeline. Propane also is popular as an alternative motor fuel.

According to the National Propane Gas Association, propane is the most widely used motor fuel in the world behind gasoline and diesel. Propane is preferred as a motor fuel over diesel and gasoline because it is clean-burning and non-toxic. Before propane reaches the consumer, an odorant such as ethyl mercaptan is added as a safety measure to permit the timely detection of propane vapors in the event of a leak.

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