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Our people lead the way.

The scope and variety of FNA’s business units make us unique among the nation’s energy companies, but FNA’s people truly power the business. The synergies generated by the various groups enable us to provide unparalleled services to our customers and build optimum value for ourselves as employee-owners. Employees work in a lively environment where decisions are made quickly and collaboration is key.

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B U S I N E S S   U N I T S

Supply and Distribution
Energy innovators serving the needs of one million people nationwide.

Leaders in safety and reliability.

Leaders providing unique services to the energy industry.

Accounting, HR, Treasury, and Information Technology
Strong partners for FNA’s business units.


The Supply and Distribution Departments are the hub of every service we provide and everything we do at FNA. Our Supply and Distribution Departments are key partners of the Retail division, closely monitoring the ever-changing market, implementing risk management strategies and purchasing the more than 1 billion gallons of propane that is used by Ferrellgas to serve more than 1 million customers nationwide. These departments also handle pipeline movements and optimize the use of leased storage to ensure that timely and accurate distribution is given to or received from buyers and sellers.

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Our Transportation Department handles the final and perhaps most significant step in the FNA process. The Transportation team is responsible for delivering the product that ultimately is used by more than one million Ferrellgas Customers nationwide. It’s a tremendous responsibility, and this group helps demonstrate every day how FNA is able to do the job better than the rest. The Transportation team is dedicated to delivery flexibility and quality service, and strives to maintain the Company’s unsurpassed dedication to safety.

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With the ability to meet the unique business needs of customers of all sizes, our Wholesale Department is a significant part of our business. Our Wholesale team provides reliable propane service and several risk-management programs to customers in Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota and Ohio. We also market propane on most major pipelines to both independent and multi-state propane marketers. The Wholesale team often partners with our Transportation group to deliver propane to our customers, maximizing the revenue potential for FNA and its employee-owners.

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The Accounting Department partners with each of FNA’s individual business units, helping those profit centers understand and identify additional opportunities for growth and profitability. This unique insight they bring is by far their biggest contribution to our operation. The Accounting group is responsible for conducting monthly closings, preparing financial statements, and making general ledger entries, and also provides accounts payable and financial reporting support to all of FNA’s operating units.

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Human Resources at FNA is dedicated to supporting the people at FNA. Working in partnership with each of the business units, the HR team strives to create a culture where business success, top performance, and a great work atmosphere are common goals. Whether it is staffing solutions, performance measures, reward systems and more, Human Resources offers a wide range of services that are uniquely tailored to fit the needs of each business unit and each location.

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FNA is a key business partner with our customers and suppliers, and the Treasury Department is responsible for maintaining and fostering those relationships that are vital to our financial success. The Treasury Department monitors customer relationships and customer credit, and processes payments and collateral issues with company suppliers and customers.

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Our Information Technology group touches every aspect of the FNA business. They support their partners in a traditional sense, but also lend unique value to each of our profit centers. FNA’s ability to share electronic data with customers and other Ferrellgas divisions would not be possible without the Information Technology Department. Members of this key group are focused on customer service and identifying strategic solutions to meet the needs of the Company’s internal and external customers.

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